Good Fella – hårdekormakaren Jannie Baltzer

Who are you?
Just a happy gal enjoying life! I feel so blessed, that I get to do what I love the most – designing headpieces for sweet brides. My inspiration come from talented bridal & fashion photographers – the way they play with shadows, lights and colors. I also love to see old movies from the 1920´s & 1930´s, where the women were so glamorous and chic. I love to use interesting pieces of vintage to add whimsy and magic, and to get a unique one of a kind piece. I graduated from the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design in Copenhagen, receiving an honorary prize from Her Royal Highness Princess Benedict for the most creative collection. I feel so passionate about my job, and if I want something, I never give up!

Why are you Good Fellas?
Ok I admit it – I am a sucker for weddings. Love everything about them and I really enjoy getting to know all of my lovely brides. It is an amazing feeling to meet a new client, and be allowed into her thoughts & dreams. I feel so lucky, that they trust me, and let me design something special for their big day.

How can you enhance a wedding?
I think it’s important, that you look like you on your wedding day – not too much makeup – that being said you still want to look stunning. My brides visit me, at my studio in Copenhagen, where we spend a lot of time talking about the wedding, theme, dress, hairstyle, accessories, colors and personality, before we even start discussing the design. Most of the time the bride have already decided, what kind of headpiece they want before meeting me, but often they end up with a totally different one. That is why I love my job – you never know what is going to happen!

Jannie Baltzer
Copenhagen, Denmark

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